About Us

Our Story

While every family has its own distinct story, they all share pivotal moments that form part of their family lore, be that recently or in the distant past. Pioneering paths taken, times of triumph, and sometimes tough choices taken.

What makes our family unique is our combined global business experience, our individual areas of specialism, our loyalty, and our resounding commitment to finding solutions.

As a family of entrepreneurial, commercially minded individuals, we know wealth can transform lives, build communities and drive growth and prosperity.

Millat's journey began over 40 years ago with the determination of the head of our family. His experience and thought leadership is our guiding light. Several decades later, he has amassed a banking track record with iconic institutions in emerging markets.

He has always pushed the family to aim high and strive for more, and this led to the formation of a family office to meet the investment needs of the Farooqui family.

Our team has led NASDAQ Stock Exchange listings, taken companies to be continental market leaders, worked cross-border in multiple sectors. It has led a variety of M&A transactions and created consistent value for investors. It is closely connected with capital providers and sovereigns, and worked with, and for, blue-chip names.

Entrepreneurship is a Farooqui family value, honed by our CEO who was winning entrepreneurship awards and running companies even in his early teens. Alongside this creative entrepreneurial flair, there is also a rigorous focus on execution - to solve commercial challenges.

A private family office that uses its own balance sheet to bring clever and deeply entrepreneurial solutions to complex commercial problems